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Hello and welcome to Rhythm In Beads


Rhythm Beads Can Work For You Too

Thank you for taking the time to visit; I hope you find it useful.

I'm Caroline and I design and make rhythm bead necklaces for calming horses. I help nervous riders and spooky horses feel calmer and more confident, so that they can enjoy hacking out. 

I can help you and your horse too. If you struggle with any of the following; then I have a soloution:

  • You enjoy hacking out on your lovely horse but sometimes you feel nervous or anxious, your inner voice niggles, "what if he spooks or naps?" 

  • You might feel panic at the thought of riding your horse? 

  • You might even have considered giving up for good?

  • Do you feel as though your partnership with your horse isn't progressing?

I can help you. I understand your inner worries, as I too suffer with similar issues but have found the benefits of rhythm beads have transformed my riding experience.

"An effective, low-tech, drug-free solution"


Rhythm Beads are a simple physical aid that soothes both you and your horse. Think of a beautiful horse necklace with a built in neck strap, to grab in those 'what if' moments.

Enjoy a calm hack, with both you and your horse focused and calm, listening to the rhythmic jingle of bells, feeling secure and connected.

  " with rhythm beads Ruby has been so much calmer and more confident "

Money Back Guarantee

If in the unlikely event you find rhythm beads don't work for you and your horse, you can return them in a clean, fully working order and receive a refund. 

Order Today

View my range of designs in my online shop and choose your rhythm beads, add to cart and purchase through checkout. I can take card payments, or Paypal. 

If you prefer to pay another way, contact me via the options at the bottom of the page.

Next Time You Ride...

Picture yourself:

with a calmer, less distracted horse

feeling safer and more secure in the saddle with a neck strap option

feeling confident out riding

building a stronger bond/partnership

Go from: anxious, worried about the 'what if's', lacking confidence and avoiding riding to: a more confident partnership, where your horse is more focused, calmer and you are able to communicate better.

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