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Guest Blog ~ Michelle shares how rhythm beads changed her nappy mare Luna's behaviour hacking out.

Hi Caroline,

I really do think your beads are a lifesaver and can't thank you enough for making them. Thank you.

Michelle Clark 43 had this to say Luna her 5 year old Welsh Section D and how rhythm beads helped them both.

1st clip ~ hacking out before.

Michelle writes....

A little about myself and Luna... I'm 43 years young, I had been out of horses for a few years, previously ridden for over 30 years, in that time I have had a number of health and mental problems, I had a car accident, had to go through Deepcut inquests where fellow soldiers died, I was diognosed with PTSD, early menopause and Fibromyalgia.

Having got to a point of no hope I decided to get back into Horses, with the help of a couple of lovely people letting me ride their ponies it all came back to me, so I decided after a few months to get my own pony again. I put a post up on Facebook asking if anyone had a Welsh sec D for loan, to cut a long story short in July last year I was given Luna on LWAVTB.

She was backed as a 3 year old and then turned away until I got her, so re-started her training. We've had some ups and downs as you'd expect from an oldie getting back into horses and with a very green mare, but our biggest issue was Hacking on roads, Luna was spooky as she is green and young and i'm a worrier these days with my mental health; so you can imagine it was a bit like the nervous leading the nervous.

Anyway i'm rambling on a bit, after a few battles I thought we'd never get there, but then I saw a post on facebook where a lady was making and selling Rhythm beads, I had nothing to lose so thought i'd purchase some and give them a go, well if only i'd known about this miracle a few months earlier it would have saved many nights of tears and on the verge of giving up. After only a few days there was major improvements, to both me and Luna, she was more forward going, less spooky and I was much more confident.

Now I can't be sure who they worked on or if they worked on us both, but they worked!!! Caroline has been an angel and always there for a chat, I feel i've made a cyber friend as well as finding a miracle cure to our anxieties. I would highly recommend if you have issues, give them a go, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

2nd clip ~ with her rhythm beads. A different pony!

Michelle. xx

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