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How To Choose The Best Rhythm Beads For You And Your Horse.

Which Is You...?

I'm a worrier these days and find my confidence has dipped, I've had a few 'incidents' that have left me feeling anxious, especially when riding alone...

If you're a nervous or older rider; RIB recommends:

Look at styles of rhythm beads with plenty of bells to create a beautiful musical sound to help you relax as you ride.

You may also find the built in safety strap version helps too.

Designs such as AURORA or BRIGHT OMBRE might appeal.

But I need a bit more security in the saddle...

Try a set of rhythm beads with a built in safety strap; great for grabbing when you need that extra security or confidence. Slip your fingers around the comfortable strap that sits naturally at the withers, not halfway up their neck! Great if you're off for a canter, or getting back into jumping and prefer not to pull your horse in the mouth!

Just knowing it's there can be such a confidence boost.

Take a look at MONTANA or BRAVE

I am generally ok but have a young/spooky or green horse who reacts to everything!

Start with a basic set to accustomed your horse to the experience of wearing rhythm beads. Most horses accept rhythm beads straight away and start to relax into the rhythmic sound.

Introduce rhythm beads sensitively at first; I recommend hanging them up near your horse and allowing him to investigate them. You can bring them to your horse but try not to move them away if he reacts; only move them away when your horse is calm.

The sound of the bells will help to block out other environmental noises, allowing your horse to focus more on what you are asking him to do. Your horse will soon take comfort from the gentle jingling sound of rhythm beads and start to relax.

Check out BLUE BELLE or KAI

Actually, we're both a bit anxious!

If you both need help relaxing, then consider a rhythm beads design with a detachable safety strap; you then have lots of flexibility, to ride with or without the strap, depending on your anxiety or confidence levels.

See designs such as MAVERICK or WILD ROSE

What if my horse is super sensitive, head shy or has trust issues?

If your horse prefers things NOT to go over his head, but you like the security of a strap then rhythm beads with a detachable safety strap are ideal for you both! The clip allows you to undo them to pass around the neck, avoiding having to put them over the head.

This style of rhythm beads is very versatile, as they can be used in multiple ways, with or without the strap.

Take a peek at MAVERICK and BAILEY and see which colours you prefer!

Still have questions over which rhythm beads to choose?

You can contact me in lots of ways; email, Wix Chat, Facebook Messenger and I'm also on Instagram.

Or if you prefer a good old fashioned chat on the phone, my contact details are at the bottom of every website page!

I'm always happy to help 😊

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