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The Horse Smell

Do you ever just have to take a big deep inhale of your horse's smell?

Can you think of a better smell; a smell that connects you to all that is at the very core of your bond with horses? It might take you back to childhood and your first experience of horses. Isn't it wonderful how smell can evoke such memories? How we can tap into our memory of all the good times, just by inhaling 'that smell'?

Have you ever wondered how we smell to our horses? Probably not as good as they smell to us! It's said that we smell like predator's because (some, not all of us) eat meat. How amazing that our horses still love us and accept up, when we must smell so wrong to them!

Sometimes the 'horse smell' is a little more pungent! But it's so familiar to me, I don't even question it! I catch a whiff of it as I pass through the day, on my clothes if I haven't changed, or even in my hair! If I go straight into school, as I do sometimes, I only change my outer clothes/boots and the aroma of the stable lingers! Do you ever wonder what people think when they stand close to you? Do they recognise the smell, or do we just smell to them!

Do we even care?

I love the horse smell, the actual smell of horse. Sometimes I just have to have a sniff of Jasmine; my favourite place is at the top of neck, under her mane, just behind her ear. Although I also love the 'horse breath' smell too!

The smell of horse is like no other animal. In fact most animals are fairly pongy in comparison. Would you sniff a sheep or a cow? Even our beloved pets! I love my dog, a little CavaJack but the Spaniel smell is something else altogether!

When I feel in turmoil, or out of sorts, the horse smell can rebalance me and restore my equilibrium. It takes me back to who I am and what I love. I feel reconnected to my past and it strengthens my bond with the animal I love.

Ahh! The horse smell!

Am I alone here, I bet not! What does your 'horse smell' mean to you? Tell me in the comments below.

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