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What Are Rhythm Beads?

And how does a horse necklace help to calm a nervous or spooky horse?

This is something I get asked. A lot!

Firstly, rhythm beads have been used for a long time; dating back to native Americans and are not new ~ although come in and out of fashion. They are enjoying popularity at present as a 'natural horsemanship' method for training and de~sensitising horses.

We can see the effects of the beads quite clearly in the behaviour of the horse but the HOW requires more of an explanation;

It's obviously to do with the sound of the bells jingling that distracts the horse from focussing on other environmental factors. We know horses' hearing is far better than ours, so they can be spooked or distracted by a bird fluttering in the hedge, or a distant sound that we might not be aware of. We've all been there; where your horse tenses and grows a hand taller underneath you, whilst you are wondering "what the hell is it now?"

The jingle of the bells on your rhythm beads will help block out many those distracting noises, allowing your horse to focus on you; your aids, voice etc.

"first hack in them went well, he completely ignored a tractor haymaking in the field right next to him, would usually be a problem. Fingers crossed it continues" :) Lesley & Deisce

Similar to how blinkers prevent a draught or race horse from worrying about visual distractions, except rhythm beads are much more attractive!

In fact, if you ride in rhythm beads you will probably know by now how the horse seems to enjoy or take comfort from the sound?

Horses seek comfort and will always move into it. So the consistency of the sound of the bells gives security and comfort to the horse, as well as blocking out some of the environmental noise, enabling your horse to focus more on what you are asking him to do!

" his whole carriage has changed and the way he moves his legs. It's amazing!" Daniela & Merlin

Because your horse is more focused on listening to the rhythmic jingle, and is comfortable with the consistency of it, he is less bothered by other distractions and therefore calmer and easier to connect with.

Those native Americans knew a thing or two about horses!

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