Rhythm Beads

Rhythm beads are inspired by Native American designs and work by giving your horse or pony a gentle rhythmic jingle of beads and bells to listen to and focus on, rather than other 'distractions' in the environment.


Riders can also benefit from their use, as they help keep the rider in a consistent rhythm; great for schooling, as changes in gait and rhythm are easily heard.

Rhythm beads are often worn by Endurance and Trek riders for this reason.

Rhythm beads also help out hacking; warning  birds and other wildlife of your approach and help prevent startled birds suddenly spooking your horse.


Lastly, but certainly not least, they look amazing around your horses neck and as the native Americans believed, show respect and honour to your horse.


How to order Rhythm beads

Choose a design from the selection in the online shop, or contact me to order a custom made set, to your specific requirements.



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