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What Are Rhythm Beads? 

Heading 2

Rhythm beads are inspired by native Americans, who used hand carved beads from animal bones, shells, feathers and other 'found' objects, to decorate and honour their horses; they also believed they gave spiritual protection.

How Do They Work?

Nowadays rhythm beads are used to help calm nervous and spooky horses by giving them a gentle rhythmic jingle to listen to and focus on, rather than other distractions in the environment.

As your horse moves, the bells on your rhythm beads jingle in time with the gait, enabling both horse and rider stay in time, increasing both your and your horses relaxation, connection and focus, improving timing and building confidence between you and your horse.

What About Nervous Riders?


Many riders also use rhythm beads to help with nerves, anxiety and loss of confidence riding. The use of rhythm beads leads to calmer horses, which in turn helps riders maintain focus, have a better sense of timing and build confidence.

Do They Have Any Other Benefits Or Uses?


Yes, several!

Rhythm beads aren't just for calming! They encourage relaxation and can be used when schooling to improve your horse's focus; the horse listens to the rhythmic sound of the 'necklace' and is less distracted by other sounds. This in turn leads to improved gaits, stride length and impulsion. Great for practising your dressage moves!

They are also a useful tool when it comes to jumping! Counting strides is so much easier when you can hear the rhythm!

Rhythm beads can help you out hacking, as they alert wildlife of your approach, 'flushing' out birds and so forth and therefore preventing  birds flying out and spooking your horse.

How Do I Order?

Look at the current collections in my online shop and order directly. Don't forget to sign up for 20% discount first though:

Don't see the exact rhythm beads you are looking for? Contact me via phone, text, email or social media to discuss your needs. 

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