Why Purchase From Rhythm In Beads?

Why Rhythm In Beads?

I design and make rhythm beads for calming horses but also with a big emphasis on safety. My designs combine beautiful, modern and beneficial colour combinations, with safety features built in, to help keep anxious riders feeling safe, confident and secure in the saddle. My aim is to help you build a greater connection with your horse, to help nervous riders get back in the saddle after a break, or even a fall. I am always happy to discuss your individual requirements and having been through such scenarios myself, totally understand your needs.

I love designing; it is in my blood, just as horses are! I cannot stop creating and developing ideas; so if there is anything you would like and you can't see it here on my website, please get in touch. I am just a phone-call, or message away.

I particularly love designing rhythm beads for specific horses; if you want to send me photos over, with a little bit about you and your horse and any issues you are experiencing; I can design you a custom made set, tailor made to yours and your horses needs.

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