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Sizing and Care of Rhythm Beads 

To find the correct size for ordering your rhythm beads you can measure your horse or pony's neck, for a precise fit. 

The correct place to measure is around the 'drive line', located as shown in the photo below.

Use a flexible tape measure, or a piece of baling twine or string and then measure at the base of the neck, before it becomes the shoulder.

Choose the size that is closest in measurement in the middle of the size range:

if your horse's neck measures 55" choose COB size 52"-60"

if it measures 58", you will still find the COB size fits

if you want a little more room, or a looser fit, the HORSE size 60"-68" will be better for you.

Having said that, COB size is the most popular size!


PLEASE NOTE:  they are all adjustable by approximately 6" (15cm).

Sizing Rhythm Beads updated.png

Care of Rhythm beads

Rhythm beads can be wiped down after use with a damp cloth & mild detergent, and hung to dry, as required. You can keep them in the jewellery bag provided and they will be ready for your next ride!

It is not recommended to get them soaking wet, as the metal parts will rust! Having said this, I have ridden in the rain in mine, accidentally left them outside in the rain etc and they still work fine.


Please contact me if you have any questions.

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